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Why Lamicolor


Why Lamicolor

Lamicolor Laminates follow the trends and fashion of the future. The new colours that are designated

one by one according to the needs of the design headquarters in Milan, and new surface finishes that

are introduced every year are our major differences.

New effects that enable to create suitable environments to our ever changing life styles are taken into

account and added to our production line. This is not a new study for Lamicolor, it is being implemented

steadily for many years.

Turkish designers who are in pursuit of new perspectives and the future grow happier with Lamicolor and

its ever growing range of instruments.

In terms of new colours, decors, and products, Lamicolor has always been the pacesetter.

Is Touching and Seeing Enough?

When we are buying a product, we make our decisions based on what we see or what we feel when we

touch. How much does the quality or the total utility presented with the product affect our decision?

One difference of Lamicolor Laminates is the quality that is presented with the product.

Quality is the quintessence of our understanding about production. And after years and years of

experience, we can navigate through new ideas and experimental solutions.

The kraft paper, décor paper, and overlay surface is obtained through the best producers. Our pressing

machinery possesses the latest technology. Each and every size we offer contain minimal loss. The

phenolic and melamine resins we use are water based only. Since its establishment, Lamicolor has never

used alcohol based resins, and has been eco friendly ever since.


Another difference of Lamicolor Laminates is the attention we spend during production.

In terms of environmental care, Lamicolor has never compromised ethical codes, and always been the

pioneer of eco-friendly production.

Speed and Time

We are aware of the time constraints of a construction project that involves investors, designers,

construction offices, and manufacturers.

Another difference of Lamicolor is our capacity to quickly respond to last call decisions and material


Our production planning is completely customer oriented and aimed for time management of our


We have lowest possible quantity limits upon order. For speed and time management, most of our

colours are kept ready for production. Our goal is to be able to respond to rapidly changing needs.



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